Best Beginner Online Guitar Lessons

A Guitar is a musical instrument consisting of two parts mainly the neck and the body. The neck of the guitar includes fret board, frets, tuners, truss rod, and head stock while the body of the guitar has the bridge that helps in holding the strings in the right place.

There are a total of six strings that produce different sounds according to their tuning. In the music department, the guitar is not considered to be a very difficult instrument to learn but becoming good at playing the guitar is what takes time and practice.

The size and weight of the instrument makes it very easy to carry as compared to other instruments like drums and piano, which makes practicing it easier and it can also be done anywhere.

Nowadays it is very easy to learn guitar as it can be done while sitting at home too. All you need to do is buy the instrument and choose a professional to give you online guitar lessons.

There are many online websites that offer guitar courses and are very good at teaching.

Here is a list of the top 5 websites recommended for learning guitar:

•GuitarTricks: This website is considered as one of the best websites for online guitar learning and claims to have taught more than 3 million people.

The site is excellent for beginners as they provide step by step lessons that are very useful for people who have just begun on learning the instrument.

The website is easy to navigate, has huge lists of songs to learn, and also provides face to face lessons. GuitarTricks also offers a 14 day free trial if you want to try before becoming a paid member.

•Fender Play: Another good website that is great for beginners is Fender Play. They have a wide variety and a great content for beginners as well as advanced guitarists. This website also offers a 14 day trial, and provides bass tuition and ukulele at no extra cost.

•JamPlay: Jamplay is a very efficient website when it comes to teaching guitar. The website has about 100 different instructors who also provide live lessons.

At Jamplay instructors create their own courses instead of following a step by step course. The range of artist series and live courses is huge, which allows you to stick to the website and learn anything and almost everything.

•JustinGuitar: This website is not as good as the websites mentioned above but is highly recommended for beginners who want to try and test their hands on a guitar for a couple of months before joining or paying for a paid membership. This website provides free lessons that can be useful for beginners who do not wish to pay to learn.

•ArtistWorks: This website has a different way of teaching. It does not charge you for a full access to all the courses but charges for the specific lesson you want to learn. The website has a vast active community that increases on every day bases.

So these are some websites that can be joined for online guitar lessons if you are a beginner and want to learn how to play the instrument from the convenience of your home.…